A targeted Facebook advertising campaign to drive new email list subscribers for a new fly fishing guide company called Wildwood Anglers. 

The Toledo Blade was planning a full-page feature on Wildwood Anglers that coincided closely with the timing of the website launch. The plan was simple and two-fold:

1) Ensure the Blade article included a link to the Wildwood website that included tracking parameters.
2) Capitalize on the organic momentum from the newspaper article with a targeted sponsored Facebook ad campaign.

The Execution
We built a simple landing page with visuals and messaging that were consistent with the Facebook sponsored ad. Our opt-in form was linked to Wildwood Angler's email service to capture new potential customer information for future email communication.

We promoted the date that we would select the winner, and included that it would occur utilizing Facebook Live. The purpose of this was to promote trust in the giveaway as legitimate; and also to encourage prospective customers to like Wildwood Anglers on facebook to ensure they were notified when the team went live to pick the winner.
The Results
The campaign was a smashing success. In two weeks time, ad reached 9,233 people in the target, received 517 clicks, and resulted in 87 new email subscribers.

We converted clicks at a rate of 16.82% and our cost per click was just $0.26.

Total campaign spend was $135.99 which comes out to a cost per new subscriber of $1.56.
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